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"But Sara DeLong as Lady Blanch, gave the most extraordinary turns and stole every scene she graced. Her gorgeous singing combined with deft acting, impeccable delivery, and brilliant comic timing made her character genuinely sympathetic despite its caricatures of strident feminism and the internal politics of academia... The audience also would never guess that DeLong typically sings soprano; she inhabited this alto role with warmth, highlighting her range and adaptability.”

                     -Nathaniel Koven of The Boston Musical Intelligencer | March 27th 2024

"Sara DeLong was a commanding presence as Lady Blanche, not only a great singer but an exceptional actress, she also dominated every scene she appeared in.”

                     -John E. Dreslin of New England Gilbert and Sullivan Trumpet Bray | April 2024

"...[DeLong] brought their character to life with energy and well-defined motivations... adept at conveying emotion in their singing and acting..”

                     -EMACT DASH Awards Consultant | March 2024

"Soprano Sara DeLong charismatically expresses her own plans as [a] calculating and poised Lady Blanche...”

                     -Jeanne Denizard of The Sleepless Critic | February 27th 2024

"...[DeLong] plays Blanche with equal parts gravitas and bemusement...”

                     -Ellen Gitelman of Sudbury Weekly | March 5th 2024

"Exceptional music direction underpinned this over-the-top musical, allowing some truly stand-out performers to shine. The actress playing Lisa had a stunning soprano voice, and her ballad in the second act was wonderfully executed, infusing clear emotion into her vocal expression.”

                     -EMACT DASH Awards Consultant | March 2023

"Sara DeLong’s voice was especially gorgeous in the somber soprano notes during ‘Yes, Ludwig and his Julia are mated!’”

                     -EMACT DASH Awards Consultant | March 2023

"...charmingly depicted and heartfelt. Sara DeLong’s sweet farewell aria in Act II (‘Take care of him – he’s much too good to live,’ sung by Lisa to Ludwig) featured her clear, legato approach to one of Sullivan’s most moving ballads.”

                     -Laura Stanfield Prichard of The Boston Musical Intelligencer | February 27, 2023

"Sara Delong’s charming, sensually comedic, and honest portrayal of Lisa... steals the show and leaves the audience on the edge of their seat awaiting her next entrance... Sara DeLong never disappoints... Her range and star power are something not to be missed..”

                     -Am I The Drama: A Theatre Review Blog | February 25, 2023

"Frates and DeLong have chemistry and DeLong greatly impresses vocally...”

                     -Kevin T. Baldwin of Massachusetts Entertainment & Theatre Review (METRmag)| February 25, 2023

"Phyllis (Sara DeLong) sang a beautiful rendition of ‘Why weep and wait’ from Haddon Hall...”

                     -Laurie Weissbrot of New England Gilbert and Sullivan Trumpet Bray | December 2022

"Sara DeLong's portrayal of Phyllis was a standout in this performance. Her singing and comic timing were highlights of the show.... a delightful treat.”

                     -EMACT DASH Awards Consultant | September 2022

"All the singing is top-notch. The most noteworthy performance in the opinion of this humble reviewer is that of Sara DeLong as Phyllis...”

                     -Judith Pfeffer of yourArlington | September 24th 2022

"Sara DeLong... as Mother Abbess, stands out with an operatic prowess and booming presence and voice.”

                     -Harrison Thorp of The Rochester Voice | August 4th 2022

" soaring good voice...stunning...”

                     -John Zeugner of the Worcester Telegram and Gazette | September 25th 2016

"Kudos to Vocal Director Sara DeLong.”

                      -Vance R. Koven of The Boston Musical Intelligencer December 5th 2016

"In perhaps the most unexpected turn the production took, Sara DeLong plays Thomas Jefferson as a soprano which worked far better than I could have ever imagined. DeLong was gentle yet firm in the role; as necessary to propel the play along."

                      -Danielle Rosvally of The New England Theatre Geek | August 16th 2016

"Thomas Jefferson had fewer lines, instead allowing his facial expressions to speak for him. And speak they did. It was apparent from Jefferson’s face what he thought of every other person onstage. ...[Sara DeLong] really perfected the scowl and the look of disdain."

                      -Emma Bingham of The Tech | August 16th 2016

“The next selection was a cantata by Mozart, and Sara DeLong’s full, rich soprano voice made it a delight... DeLong’s performance was unlabored and unpretentious, accentuated by an excellent articulation of the German text." 

                      -Dick Frantzreb of the Sacramento Choral Calendar | March 8th, 2013

"...playing her part amazingly is Sara DeLong, whose incredible voice and acting talent brighten the show the second she steps onstage." 

                  -Ellen Dominguez of the Sacramento Press | February 13th 2012

"DeLong has a beautifully trained voice that captures the epic nature of Gilbert and Sullivan." 

                       -Maxwell McKee of the Sacramento News and Review  | February 16th 2012

"DeLong has a bearing and a voice that shine." 

                        -Bev Sykes of the Davis Enterprise  | February 16th 2012

"...extraordinary performances... showcased several soloists throughout the program, notably soprano Sara DeLong..." 

                            -Mary Nares of the Sacramento Press  | December 13th 2011

*Following her marriage in 2018, Sara changed her last name from Haugland to DeLong. 

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